The Watergate wiretap was for the campaign

The Watergate Complex is a Washington complex located on the Potomac River in northwest D.C. At the main entrance, a small humanoid waterfall cascades down from the high school, hence the name “Watergate”. The National headquarters of the Democratic Party of the United States is located in this building. On the night of June 17, […]

Event interpretation

At the height of the Watergate scandal, President Nixon ordered his attorney general, Richardson, to fire the “incompetent” special prosecutor, Cox (part of the Justice Department). Richardson refused to comply and asked to resign, as did Deputy Attorney General Rockshaus. Nixon asked Bowker, the No. 3 official in the Justice Department, to fire Cox. Bowker […]

Film and television works

the 1977 film “All the President’s Men,” based on the book “All the President’s Men,” won four Academy Awards at the 49th Academy Awards, including best adapted screenplay and best art direction. The informant to the journalists, code-named Deep Throat, was revealed on May 31, 2005, to be former FBI Deputy Director Mark Felt. [8]1994 […]

Truth of the incident

The newly appointed special counsel found new evidence in the tapes the White House was forced to turn over, including one that clearly recorded Nixon instructing his aides six days after the Watergate break-in to have the CIA obstruct the FBI’s investigation of the Watergate break-in as hard evidence of Nixon’s cover-up. The entire White […]


In an effort to save the day, Nixon again issued a statement saying that he had no prior knowledge of the Watergate scandal and that there had been no subsequent effort to obstruct the investigation, and defended the wiretapping as legal and necessary in the interests of national security, as had been done by every […]

Lead to resignation

From June 17, 1972, when James McCord and five others broke into the Democratic National headquarters at the Watergate Complex, to August 9, 1974, when President Nixon resigned, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, two reporters at The Washington Post, ran a series of stories that exposed the White House’s connection to Watergate and ultimately led […]

Course of events

In the 1972 presidential election, in order to obtain the intelligence of the internal campaign strategy of the Democratic Party, on June 17, 1972, led by James W. McCord, Jr., the chief security adviser of the Nixon campaign of the United States Republican Party (more than 20 years later, experts research, The mastermind, White House […]

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Main cause

The Watergate complex, located on the banks of the Potomac River in Northwest Washington, D.C., consists of a five-star hotel, a high-end office building and two luxury apartment buildings. The main entrance of the building, there is an artificial small waterfall flying down, the water fluttering in the sky, so that the whole building complex […]


On the last Monday of July, people in the city of Oaxaca gather at the foot of Ferti Hill, singing and dancing to celebrate the “Claxsa” festival, one of Mexico’s most cherished traditional festivals. This is a non – religious folk traditional festival. It is said that in ancient Mexico, the Aztec people would hold […]