Accommodation in York

York is the second most visited city after London, with hotels of all styles and classes. Most of the large hotels are located inside the city walls, while B&Bs are located in downtown areas such as Bootham on the A19.It is best to book in advance because the June to August peak season and holidays […]

Shopping and leisure

York is a tourist city. There are many boutiques and small shops along the roadside, which are scattered in the streets and alleys. It is dazzling.Stonegate, which runs through the alleyway in front of York Minster, retains many of its medieval houses and is also a great place to shop, each with its own architectural […]

York cuisine

In York, there are many restaurants serving traditional British and American cuisine, as well as simple cafe style restaurants. The most local Yorkshire pudding is not to be missed, except for tea time, where you can enjoy tea and cake.Visitors can choose from Betty’s Tea Room to enjoy a leisurely English afternoon tea, accompanied by […]

Tourist attraction

Clifford’s Tower at York Castle, along with the York Castle Museum, is one of the few remaining remnants of York Castle. Clifford’s Tower is the only building left after the war and fire, while York Castle Museum, converted from a prison, has a pavilion that imitates the real scene of Victorian streets in the 19th […]


York is an important railway hub in the United Kingdom. When the railway station was built in 1877, it was the largest in the world. York is about a two-hour train ride (322 kilometers) from London or Edinburgh. Twenty-five trains from London stop at York every day.

Middle ages

In the late Middle Ages, York reached its peak, and this was reflected in the built environment. York Minster is the largest medieval cathedral in England and one of the largest Gothic churches in Europe. Medieval walls and gates, known as “strips,” encircled the city and can still be seen today.In the late 14th and […]


As well as being a tourist destination, York is a transport hub, an educational and commercial centre. It is a major railway transfer station and is the meeting point of the Pennines and the east coast of England.York is also the main venue for horse racing. York Racecourse is located in the Nevis Maier region.York […]

Suffering course

Paulinus of York brought Christianity to the area in the early 7th century, Edwin of Northumbria, king of Northumbria, converted, and the first cathedral is believed to have been built in 627, although the location of the early cathedral is debated. York became a centre of learning and its most famous pupil was Alcuin.In 866, […]

Historical origin

York dates back to 71 AD, when the Romans built a fortress to defend themselves against foreign enemies. The city is surrounded by ancient walls. It is centered in York Minster, a 5km square wall built by the Romans in the 7th century. The Micklegate Bar at the railway station offers a magnificent view of […]


York is one of the most famous historical and cultural cities in Britain, and has a deep connection with the Roman Empire and the Vikings. Its history can be traced back to 71 AD, and it was once the capital of Roman Lower Britain. Rich in historical assets, York’s tourism industry is boosted, with two […]