York is a tourist city. There are many boutiques and small shops along the roadside, which are scattered in the streets and alleys. It is dazzling.
Stonegate, which runs through the alleyway in front of York Minster, retains many of its medieval houses and is also a great place to shop, each with its own architectural style. The most famous shop is Mulberry Hall, the most intact antique building in the country, and also a boutique in fine porcelain and crystal.
The Shambles is a well-preserved medieval street, a stone path that twists and turns. Some of the houses along the road used to be butcher shops, but now they are shops selling art and gifts, and you can buy York Cathedral snow globes here. Near Shambles is an open-air market that sells a variety of fruits and food.
Shops near the National Railway Museum and York Castle Museum are also good places to shop.

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