The Watergate Complex is a Washington complex located on the Potomac River in northwest D.C. At the main entrance, a small humanoid waterfall cascades down from the high school, hence the name “Watergate”. The National headquarters of the Democratic Party of the United States is located in this building.

On the night of June 17, 1972, guards at the Watergate Complex arrested five suspiciously looking men wearing medical gloves in a Democratic conference room. They were four Cubans and an American. The American was James McCord, who claimed to be a former CIA employee. In fact, he was the chief security adviser for President Nixon’s re-election campaign and was ordered to install a wiretap at the Democratic Party headquarters.

On August 29, Nixon gave a speech assuring the national public that no one in the White House was involved in the wiretapping, and he referred the matter to presidential adviser Dean for a full investigation. Nixon was able to pull off the stunt and win a second term in the presidential election by a rare landslide. And just as Nixon and his aides were celebrating and elated, a series of anonymous letters revealed to the court what was behind the Watergate scandal.

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