On the last Monday of July, people in the city of Oaxaca gather at the foot of Ferti Hill, singing and dancing to celebrate the “Claxsa” festival, one of Mexico’s most cherished traditional festivals. This is a non – religious folk traditional festival. It is said that in ancient Mexico, the Aztec people would hold a ceremony every day, will they make small products to the earth, and wish the next year’s harvest. Later, this sacrificial ritual evolved into the “Kraksa” festival. On the morning of the festival, the altar rang a sweet bell. Then small folk bands took to the streets and played the “Kraksa” overture on six-string guitars. Men, women and children in their festive costumes gather at the foot of Fawlty Hill from all directions and dance to the cheerful music. People sing and dance, and frequently throw their homemade gifts to the surrounding audience. Late in the evening, the celebrations kick into high gear, with people dressed in gorgeous clothes and dancing to their hearts’ content.

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