Indian festivals are particularly numerous, which is related to the ancient Indian religious rituals. Indians worship animistic totem belief, and each tribe will hold a variety of totem worship religious ceremonies every year, some of which have been passed down and evolved into very unique and bizarre festivals with charm. The festivals of the Indians are mostly integrated with religious festivals, such as the Day of the Dead in Mexico and the Sun Sacrifice of the Peruvian Indians. At the same time, the Indians also keep some of their own unique festivals, such as the Piercing of the Ears of the Brazilian Indians and the demon-falling Festival of the Bolivian Indians. Many Indian festivals are still national holidays, but some are now shared by the local people.
Funeral can not only reflect the degree of understanding of human beings to themselves, but also reflect the different concepts of life, life and soul. The burial customs of Indians are mainly directly related to their religious beliefs, which reflects their attitude towards the real social life and their longing for the future under the domination of different world views.

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